Poetic Imbalance.
Serious Focus.
What happens to the creative mind…
When it’s engulfed by societal crimes?
A world full of judges,
with a rare occurrence to find a righteous one.

Whatever happened to living without the counting?
Why not enjoy the beauty of quality over quantity?
Stop looking for the fountain of everything,
and learn to love your simplicity, even if it leaves you with nothing.

Differences are what make the world beautiful,
Find yourself unique, and you will find sublimity.
Similarities often bring us together,
But tear us apart when they’re made to be the basis of our future.

You are your own, and I am as well.
When we don’t enjoy these factors,
We leave each other bruises to eternally swell.
But we can bring a cease to existence,
of these wretched scenes.
We need to find embrace and acceptance,
and need to become happiness-fiends.

Only then will things change. Only then will hope arise.
Now go clean the dirt off your heart.
And don’t forget to wipe the crap off your eyes.

Copyright © Nadir Keval

Photosource: Jason C. on Deviant Art