One time, two time.
Third time a charm?
We’ve tried so many times,
But someone always ends up harmed.
It was clear that something just wasn’t working,
Gotta make some changes if we plan on surviving.

When we began, I was chasing after you,
Wanted to keep you close,
Just ’cause you meant that much.
But you chose to follow your career,
And thought I’d never help you achieve,
Happiness in reaching your dreams.
You told me to step aside,
In words that left me scarred.
Had you bruised me, I would’ve let it pass over,
But scarring me is something that’ll stay forever.

I walked away, knowing this:
You now hated me, so there was no chance at a second chance.
Then the next thing I knew, you began again,
Speaking as though nothing had ever happened.
It appeared as though you had felt for me again,
So I continued with, “Everyone deserves a second chance.”

As time progressed, I began to fall for you
Once again, after I fought so hard to get over you.
Learned you had been speaking to other men,
And that then broke me apart once again.
So, I decided my only way was to cut loose,
Broken, I knew I wouldn’t regret this.

Finally, I got release,
And it truly was a feeling a bliss.

Now your trying to talk again,
But I don’t understand why you don’t understand…
We ended after the second time,
So accept it, you’ll never be mine.

Copyright © Nadir Keval