It has come to be my fascination,
To see you amongst the twinkles of the sky.
Subtly brightening my life,
We fell out of darkness together
only to find love between us.
With the winds blowing through the skies,
Cooling us, as our hearts heat our souls.
Connecting spirits, everlasting,
Through the essence of all that transforms
the originality of two into the complexity of one.
We never chose for all of this to happen,
But who’s to complain when the feeling’s this exhilarating.
The expression of our love is as snowflakes,
As is each snowflake beautiful in its unique appearance,
Our every romantic experience is the same.
We listen to one another just as the birds hear the seasons change,
Knowing what is to come next between us,
Even if control of our future is out of our range.
We strive to conform to the changing of seasons,
As our hearts and minds grow from emotion to reason.
And yet still, we continue to love,
Because we learn that in our hearts God will place that trust.
The trust that brings together two people,
To knowing that through any sort of precipitation,
We will remain forever as loving strangers.

Copyright © Nadir Keval