I miss her
I don’t know why.
I don’t know how.
I just miss her.

I’ve dreamt of our wedding day.
I’ve had nightmares that she was taken from me.
I’ve imagined taking her out,
romancing her,
loving her,
watching her smile.
I’ve imagined us having disagreements,
and trying to find a solution,
only to find that the only way that made sense,
was living and loving,
to make each other happy.

I’ve spent my entire life preparing to be hers.
I’ve felt the serenity of wrapping my arms around her.
One hand between her shoulders,
holding her close to me,
One hand on the small of her back,
reminding her that I will always support her.

I’ve lived a life fulfilling my dreams,
but she is one dream I need
to step out of my thoughts,
and become my reality.
I do miss her, this is true,
but the bittersweet truth is,
I still have yet to meet her.

Copyright © Nadir Keval