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The most common first name in the world.
So many use this name as their own,
But none can be like the original.
He is our Prophet, our Messenger, our example,
He is the ideal,
And it is our purpose,
It is our mission,
To live our lives as he had envisioned.

I imagine what it would have been like,
To stand by him as he spoke to the people,
Inspiring hearts,
Revealing purpose.
His sheer existence personified perfection.

He was a man of strength and of dignity.
Superior in every way,
Yet never letting others feel inferiority.

The best of men.

A husband who loved with a heart of gold,
With compassion and wisdom,
And justice and truth.

A father who stood as an example,
To his own, and to all people.

A leader willing to take the weight of the world,
Going hungry for days,
Just so others could have a morsel.

He would give with such generosity,
To the point that it was clear,
He didn’t fear poverty.

As a warner, you would think he’d be stern,
But instead he was sincere, loving, kind, and firm.

A man like him only comes once,
And now it’s on us to honor his trust.
He entrusted us with the message of Islam,
To be the best to ourselves,
And to our fellow man.
And this can only be done
Through following his example,
And yes, it’s not easy,
But Allah wouldn’t have sent him,
If getting close to his perfection
were impossible.

And so, I want to be like him.
I want to marry a woman that reminds me of his wives.
I want to seek companions like his companions.
I strive to face my struggles as he faced his struggles.
And I smile for reasons that would make him smile.

This is my utopia…
To live like him.
And how blessed are we,
To have our utopia be a true and real opportunity.

Copyright © Nadir Keval