When reading this poem, I’d ask that you all take a moment and really embrace the feeling you get from it.

I sit here on my bed,
building up a dream as I close my eye lids,
and find that it seems,
that any thought of happiness
is connected to you…my everything.
I look to my side,
and see you, my wife,
and a smile comes to my face.
You: God’s blessing to me,
are like my test of faith,
as the Lord sees if I’ll keep His angel happy.
Though, in truth, you are human,
I see you as flawless.
No matter your struggles,
No matter your stresses,
You always maintain, and remain…perfect.
I have seen us grow and change many times,
but my vision of you just stays,
like its been paused at the most perfect time.
I look now, to my other side,
and see the image of our love, in our child.
I see pure innocence, someone destined for success.
I see another you, and my smile just won’t digress.
I can now understand and see that God is generous,
to have given me the privilege to be loved by two of His best.
I am thankful to Him…no wait…grateful to Him,
to have placed me in a world,
where my heaven not only awaits me,
but is with me on this earth.
My wife and my child are my reason for living.
Without my spouse, I would find life difficult.
Peace of soul would be foreign,
like life as a man with no language.
As a piece of my soul, you uplifted my spirit.
So that after God and the Prophet,
it’s clear you’re nearest.
I remember, when you worried for your womb,
what would happen to our lives,
in matter as our careers, were we about to lose?
We worried for the future, not giving it a chance,
then our baby entered, and cleaned up our scattered plans.
We came to learn of the true joys of life,
for before our child, we never appreciated life.
Our careers became our second priority,
and the cute smile on that little face,
became our strength for eternity.
We fall more in love every day,
with new reasons for romance,
like, just knowing the other had a good day.
As our lives progress, our love does too,
and throughout the entire process,
our attachment pulls us through.
Our child now, will look to us as examples,
of how to treat others and be successful.
And I can say, that without a doubt,
our baby will find a way to reach the top.
And so, knowing this, I can close my eyes,
and wake to another day, to be embraced by my child and my wife.
For tonight, I’ll just smile about my life,
’cause what’s there to dream for,
when you have everything you could ever ask for in life?

Copyright © Nadir Keval