I don’t think there is anyone as beautiful as her.
But, there’s more to it than that.
Have you ever thought of what it would be like?
To find that person who is exactly what you had dreamt of?
The person, who if all limitations from external factors were removed,
they would be the perfect spouse?
Then, you find that even the external factors don’t hold you back?
Or that if they do, they slowly, but surely are overcome,
and you are giving the blessing of an opportunity to be
with the one you love?

Have you ever considered it?

That you met this person who loved you,
just as you loved them,
but in your own ways,
because you both were different,
yet the same?

That you found yourself in dilemmas,
and sought out the guidance of God,
to find Him telling you to just be patient,
as He makes things easy for you,
when you’d expect yourself to be completely shattered by now?

That from hearing their voice,
your heart flutters,
and from seeing their face,
you begin to tingle,
and from everything you experience,
you think of them?

That you get this feeling…
not a burning passion,
not butterflies,
not special chemistry,
not any of the stuff you hear about in fairytales,
but instead this deep sense of comfort…
as though the person,
without even speaking or doing anything,
has hugged your heart,
and given you warmth you’d never felt before?

That you would fall back and forth with this person,
and still wouldn’t feel any reason to give up,
on a love that was once declared,
and now remains hidden in your hearts,
and could be the answer to your dreams,
or could remain an unrequited love?

What would you do?
Would you take up the courage and try again?
Would you talk to them, though you feel they might refuse you,
after they spent so much of themselves to be with you?
Would you be afraid of how they might see you,
and judge you for making things difficult?

Have you considered it?

I have.
And I will tell you,
with all of the conviction I can muster,
and all of the hope and faith I hold,
that if there is someone you love,
you must speak out and proclaim your love.
Yes, you may lose them.
Yes, it may be difficult.
But, you will have tried.

I will tell you this:
If you took up the courage to speak to me again,
if you asked me if we could try again,
if you opened up to me as you once did,
and went beyond your comforts to ask me again…
I will not judge you.
I will not make you feel as any less than incredible.
I will applaud you on your courage,
as I once did when we first met.
I will not refuse you.
I will say yes to us again.

And one day, God-willing, when our children will ask,
“What was your story, Mama and Baba?”
I would want them to see the best of you,
and know you as I have loved you.
I will tell them that Baba was afraid,
because he wasn’t good enough for Mama.
But that Mama was strong and sought what she wanted,
because her heart knew it was us from the very first day.

Copyright © Nadir Keval