The winds rush through the trees,
swift and driven.
They often say little,
but sometimes are deafening.
Their impact always remains,
but we only see their wrath,
never seeing their blessings.
They seem to exist simply to shift and sway,
leaving distraught anything that comes in their way.

The winds flow through the trees,
calm and smitten.
They break weak branches,
and sacrifice their fluidity,
to protect those who depend on the strength of trees.
The coolness they bring on a hot summer’s day,
and the seeds they carry
to help continue the cycle of life,
if often unseen or forgotten.
By the will and generosity of God,
they are what connect nature’s life and death.

The wind is like the love we experience in life,
sometimes it breaks us, sometimes it leaves us light.
Regardless of if it comes,
or if it leaves,
love and wind bless us,
with their existence and ease.
Imagine how it would be,
if you would simply love…
no reservations, expectations,
or reciprocation needed.
You would become like the wind.
Not everyone will embrace you.
Sometimes you may intimidate.
But, when the thoughtful and sincere,
take their moment to breathe,
they will feel your presence,
and all the bliss it brings.

Copyright © Nadir Keval