The people are wishing upon stars,
Seeking success from others.
But I tried those ways,
And found they left me straying,
From what I truly knew all along.

So, I raised my hands up high,
Searched out beyond the skies,
For answers to come my way,
From the One I knew would always stay.
I asked Him to send me someone,
From amongst those He’s made in Heaven,
And guide me towards becoming,
Someone worthy of having,
One of His great creations.

I sought out an opportunity.
Call me selfish, but its my priority.
To ensure that I remain filtratious,
In searching out my one sculpted by the Greatest.
See, that is what I define as accomplishment.
No, a woman isn’t some sort of material presence,
But in fact, a piece of her heart could bring you peace.
Now, for some, that’s speaking bold.
How can you be so sure she won’t leave you cold?

That’s the difference between a man and a child,
One has the sense to ask from God,
The other’s still thinking he can wish upon stars.
So, ask yourself this:
People, will you be wise,
Or will you continue to live as fools in disguise?

Copyright © Nadir Keval