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Assalaamu alaikum,

Insha Allah, you’re doing well and are in a strong state of health and Imaan. I can understand how tough a situation like the one you’re in can be. When I was in a similar situation, my salvation and sense of personal value and growth came from building my love for Allah. I recognized that there is no person that I can put in my mind so much that it makes me forget Allah. I don’t know if the situation is the same for you, but I would definitely recommend building on your relationship with Allah and doing more acts of remembering and worshipping Him.
The truth of people is that they are unpredictable and can come and go, whereas Allah is always there, so long as we recognize Him and His Existence. Remember that no person has the right to take a part of our happiness except if we give it to them. On top of the above advice, I would also recommend that you take some time to step away from that person and to become obsessed with things that you are passionate about and hope to grow in. And if you feel that you do not have any passions or hobbies to build on, then consider this your opportunity to find or create them! I pray that you are able to address this and bring about change, so that you can once again find your happiness through your self and your faith. I trust that Allah will help you through this. If you would like to discuss this further, I am more than happy to have you join me as a client, and we can talk further to help you through this, insha Allah. I hope I was able to help! Take care!

Wassalaamu alaikum,