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Poem: All That Is She

By On October 10, 2014

There is poetry that is written, by those with hearts so smitten, that they seek out words from all languages, to try to describe the one for whom their heart wishes. But with a beauty like hers, I too have…


Poem: True Beauty

By On July 7, 2014

They ask me, “What makes her so beautiful?” I say, “Her soul.” They ask, “But what of her appearance?” I say, “It is given value through her soul.” They ask, “What of her mind?” I say, “It is but a…


Quote: The Most Beautiful Rose

By On June 16, 2014

“I’m beginning to learn that it is often the most beautiful of roses that acts as our greatest test of patience, as it works up the courage and confidence to bloom, not knowing the potential it holds.” – Nadir Keval


Poem: Her Description

By On May 6, 2013

So, something just happened to me. I closed my eyes, and I saw this vision of beauty. A sight I had never seen, and I struggle to put it into words, but until it becomes my reality, trying to write…


Poem: Eternal Effort

By On September 18, 2012

To be honest, I thank Allah every day and wonder how a woman as stunning as her could love me. Still, I am thankful. Thankful for Allah placing a love for her in my heart, because this love makes me…