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Do a little something…

By On February 21, 2017

Read something. Learn something. Write something. Meditate something. Reflect something. Grow something. Believe something. Love something. This mindset and series of reminders is one of the ways I keep myself focused and motivated daily. I believe that every day, we…


Poem: Coming To Be

By On September 17, 2010

How many times have I called you, When you were away? Trying to find new ways Everyday To make you see How much you mean to me? Once a year, the world celebrates valentines day, But I want to celebrate…


Money Vs. Passion

By On May 31, 2010

You know, in the last little while, I have been faced with some questions that could be life-changing. See, I have some projects that have suggested to me, and show signs of great potential financially. But, the question arises as…


Poem: Reunite

By On December 26, 2009

What about you? What about me? What about us? They tore us apart, In ways that would make it impossible to get back in touch. They told us that we were never meant to be, So many times, they pierced…