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Poem: Song

By On December 2, 2016

Beats drop to the tempo of your thought Broken records combined to create the perfect piece of art You are the answer to what’s missing A life that’s been in search of rhythm You are my song Though I left…


Poem: Refreshing

By On September 30, 2010

This is a poem for, All the people out there, That have felt for a soul, Only to be left not knowing where to go. Life made it hard to believe, That you could ever aspire, To be any more…


Poem: Fantastic

By On November 9, 2009

What happens to a man, When he sits back and thinks About how he was living just fine, Till she came in and made his life fantastic? I thought time and time again, That I’d wait to find that perfect…


Poem: Lyrics to My Life

By On October 11, 2009

Sweet, strong and beautiful, Are just a few things you are. My dreams have come true, ‘cause you’re my shining star. Everything ‘bout you is so real, And you know exactly how to make me feel. Everything ‘bout you makes…