It was almost 26 years ago. My parents had been married for four years, and after trying to have children, the doctors told them it would be impossible for them to conceive. They were devastated. They didn’t know what to do. They were feeling hopeless.

That same year, they had the opportunity to go for the pilgrimage of Hajj. A relative of theirs told them that when the day of Arafah comes, to make sincere Dua asking Allah for children. See, in my extended family, at that point there were no heirs to the family name. My paternal uncles had daughters or children, and so that made my parents more eager and hopeful towards having children. To hear from doctors that they wouldn’t ever be able to have children was heart-shattering.

Still, they had faith. Upon reaching Mount Arafah, they made Dua asking Allah to bless them with a son. As my dad explained it this morning during Suhoor (the morning meal before beginning a fast), he said that they both made dua, and then looked at each other and saw one another in tears. They began to see hope again. Their faith kept them optimistic and hopeful.

Almost a year later, I was born. And since then, they’ve had my three sisters, the youngest of which was born 11 years after me, Masha Allah.

The reason I wanted to share this story with all of you was to share with you one of the many reasons I firmly believe that my Dua will be answered if I ask Allah for something with sincerity, hope, and patience. Dua is incredibly powerful, and if we rely on Allah and ask Him for what we seek, knowing that He can make what appears impossible become a reality (the doctors said it was impossible, but what is possible and impossible is with Allah, Alone), there are no limits to how much we can achieve in this life and the Next. There are certain things that will never happen, which He has laid out in the Quran, such as us getting a second chance at making up for not worshipping Him, after we’ve passed away. But, other than what He has laid out as impossible, everything else is possible. So, don’t stop dreaming, don’t stop making Dua, and never lose hope in Him.

Another reason for sharing this was to perhaps give all of you hope. If you find that there is something your heart seeks (that is halal), make Dua for it today. Make so much Dua for these things, that your mouth remains wet with constantly remembering Him and seeking His Provision, Protection, Mercy, and Guidance. And KNOW for a fact that He will answer your Dua.

I pray that Allah accepts all of your fasts today, and that He rewards you for a fast if you sincerely intended to fast but were unable to for whatever valid reason. I pray that He accepts your Dua and soon grants you what you seek in this life and the Next. I pray that He guides your heart and mind towards desiring what pleases Him, and towards feeling a dislike towards what displeases Him. I pray that you all find happiness, and that even if it isn’t in the way others hoped for it to be for you, that you achieve all the greatness and success you are deserving of in this life and the Next. Ameen.

And today, I will pray for myself as well, that I find the heights of success I am aspiring towards in my businesses and projects, that I become stronger as a Muslim and man, that I reach the pinnacle of my personal best in matters of health and fitness, and finally, the Dua that is amongst the closest to my heart and is repeated just the same every day, that I marry the woman of my Dua one day soon, insha Allah.

Please remember me in your Dua today, and in the days to come. Jazakallahu khairun.

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