There are a few things that I use in my every day speech and thought in order to keep myself grounded, driven, and focused. I felt that sharing this on my blog would be a great way to make it more real for myself, and maybe to spark the same drive in others. I’m also often asked what keeps me so driven and ambitious despite facing so many obstacles, responsibilities, and struggles. I haven’t always realized that these were key parts of what kept me going, but upon recognizing them, putting them into words, and engraving them into my mind, I’ve become far more focused in implementing them and reaching my goals.

So, here they are:

“Allahumma Asta’aan” (“From Allah we seek assistance”)

This is something I picked up from having spent a lot of time with my close friend and sheikh, Abdurrahmann Murad. He has a habit of saying it, and it wasn’t until someone I met for the first time said, “You must be a close friend of Sheikh Abdurrahmann’s.” I laughed and asked, “What makes you say that?” He responded, “Because the person known for saying Allahumma Asta’aan in our community here in Vancouver is Sheikh Abdurrahman.” That made me feel good, not only because I learned that I was learning about my faith and implementing it without even knowing it, but also because this thing that I had learned was incredibly beneficial to moving forward.

It’s often very easy to get overwhelmed and thus discouraged from moving forward when something feels like it is more difficult than we can handle. Reminding yourself that we seek assistance from Allah, you are humbled and reminded that you are capable of so much more when you place your trust and reliance on Allah. You work hard towards becoming the best you can be, but keep yourself from becoming arrogant through humbling yourself with the remembrance of Allah. In addition to this, this statement acts as a reminder that you are never alone, which is something we can all use sometimes.

“Go big or go home”

It wasn’t until quite recently that my best friend made me realize that this statement has been something I’ve lived by, for the most part, throughout most of my life. With taking an unconventional approach towards pursuing my career goals, by taking bold (according to my best friend) steps towards getting what I want, and not being afraid to fail, and so much more, “Go big or go home,” is definitely a big part of what makes me who I am. I have a tendency to want to do any and everything that I’m afraid of, or that I’m told I’m not able to do.

This mentality is one that I think will help people in really going all the way in trying to become the best they can be, and in trying to accomplish as much as humanly possible in the various aspects of life. This is a great thing to hold tightly to in life, because it gets you excited and ambitious towards doing more and becoming better.

“Not too worried about it”

This is something a friend of a friend says often, and though I’ve never met him, these words have really helped me alot. It’s kind of crazy how he had such an impact on my life despite having never met me. I’m hoping to do the same for others with what I do for others through all of my pursuits, Insha Allah.

We live so much of our lives wasting time and energy worrying about what may be or what may come. Instead, with this mindset of reminding yourself to often say things like, “I’m not too worried about it,” you’re able to simply do your best and move forward with life. What’s meant to happen will happen regardless of what you want, and what ends up happening will always be what’s best for you, even if you don’t like it, because Allah is there helping you through your life.

These are just some of the things I do and think of in order to keep myself moving. Drive and ambition are key components of reaching success, regardless of how you define success in your life. Whether you’re trying to become an artist, a doctor, an at-home parent, a sibling, anything, you must have ambition and must be driven towards being the best you can be, if you are sincerely intent on becoming successful in whatever path you choose. I hope my personal reminders benefit you in some way, and would love to hear feedback from all of you so that I can work towards becoming better. Leave a comment below!