It’s only been a month or so since I relaunched my website, and already, I’m getting feedback that is inspiring me towards continuing, Alhamdulillah. I wanted to write this post as my way of saying thank you to those who told me about the impact my poetry and my other words have inspired them, impacted them, or helped them through a struggle they were going through. Here are just some of the things that were said:

I’m glad I found your tumblr again which lead me to your main blog. I pretty much have read just about every post lol. Masha’Allah for everything you write, from your poems to your personal blog posts. I find myself nodding in agreement or empathizing in some way or another when reading your posts. Your poems have made me smile, reflect, and sometimes tear up. Alhamdulillah for this great gift Allah has bestowed upon you, the gift of being an artist with your words and emotions and being able to express yourself through the pen. May Allah bless you immensely.


I’m enamored with your mind, through your poems.


Mashallah. That was awesome. Kinda expected you to be a great writer due to how you respond to things. And think.

My intention behind showing these things isn’t in any way to be arrogant. May Allah protect me and all of us from having even a speck of pride on our hearts when we pass. Ameen. But, rather, it’s to show appreciation for the people who have helped me in seeing that I am making some difference in people’s lives, even if it’s for a moment. I hope to continue to do this as I continue to work towards building my projects, Insha Allah. If there is anything you guys would like for me to address, or talk about, please don’t hesitate to ask. You can ask through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or email. Also, a special thanks to my friend over at the Beauty Of Islam blog who always supports me and shares my posts when she feels they will benefit the Ummah that follows their blog. Jazakallahu khairun. (I don’t have to state her name. She knows who she is.) As for everyone else, thank you again, and I hope that I can continue to share my thoughts and experiences with you all so we can grow together. And I hope that I can touch your hearts, just as you have touched mine with your kind and generous words.