Okay, so I know it’s been ages since I wrote a blog, and that I’m not consistent with posting things, but in all honesty, it’s because I feel like if I were to write about what I do in a day, you would all quickly realize how unproductive I am, despite the fact that I work constantly hahaha. (Well, besides the many movies and TV shows I watch in a day….but that’ll be our lil’ secret hahaha) 

So, this is what I’m thinking….I’m going to start planning out my articles a week before, and then write an article everyday for you guys based on what I planned the week before. That way, I have a collection of things to write about, instead of just writing when I remember one of the gazillion ideas that come to my mind everyday.

Also, I want to start doing my videos again. Will I make a fool out of myself in the process? Probably! But, the way I figure it is that if I can’t act a fool in front of you guys, then really, I’m not ready for all the adventures and plans I have for the future.

Now, in order to do these things, I’m considering changing my website layout again because this one isn’t really compatible with video and use of the sidebar. I’ve got some great themes in mind…but just want to see which one really makes me say, “Wow, this is me.”

So, I’ll work on that today, and hopefully by tomorrow, God-willing, we’ll have a finalized new look for the website. And in regards to the other changes to the site…you will be seeing Life Lesson videos and articles, Business tips and videos, Poetry readings on video and their written versions here, and also random postings of things I found on the internet that tickled my fancy.

Alright, until then, take care, and get some rest! We’ve got a fun and long journey ahead of us! 🙂