Over the last few weeks/months, I have gone through some major experiences that have completely altered how I look at my life. I’m still the same person, still hold the same ambitions, but what’s changed is the lens through which I view my life.

“Ban, delete, shred, obliterate the words: ‘I’m not good enough.'” – Karen Salmansohn

Looking at these experiences, I have learned that life is something that we must live for ourselves and one that we should strive towards making the most of. Every moment should be put towards making a difference in our own individual ways. When I say “live for ourselves”, I don’t mean to live a life of narcissism, but rather, to live a life that is focused around doing the most good through our own individual means and ambitions. Every one of us has a purpose, and it is on each and every one of us to fulfill that purpose.

You’re Not Alone

We’ve seen so many people throughout the ages overcome challenges, negativity from others, and circumstances that would otherwise dilute their extraordinary potential into something that is purely ordinary. These are people who were able to fulfill their ambitions and goals because of their drive to do more than what was expected of them and to do these things in their own way. They did not bother with what others had to say, and that was not for a lack of criticism but rather, because of a desire to do whatever it took to live a life they were pleased with. This way, they could look back at themselves and know that they never gave themselves a reason to believe that they were not good enough in any way. This is purely my presumption, but after having watched so many interviews and read the views and thoughts of some of the most successful people in the world, I’ve noticed a similar trend of this rejection of accepting anything less from themselves but their own personal best.

Step 1: Convince Yourself Of You

Now, before you go out there trying to change the world or even helping one person get through something they’re facing, you have to first and foremost come to terms with who you are. You have to believe in yourself, because one of the greatest impacts you can have on a person that you hope to help is that sense of comfort and security a person feels from seeing how much conviction and confidence you have in what you are saying to them. Look at it this way: if you have a doctor that’s obese tell you that you need to start eating healthier and need to lose weight, you wouldn’t feel all that encouraged, motivated, or convinced, because you wouldn’t feel the doctor who, himself, is overweight truly believed in or practiced what he was advising you to do. Similarly, a person would not fully feel inclined to make a change in their lives towards what you are advising them to do if they didn’t see you practicing what you preached.

Step 2: Perfect Your Craft

As important as it is for us to be knowledgeable, cognizant, and engrossed in our beliefs and values, it is all useless without application. Knowledge and application go hand in hand. Without knowledge, application is dangerous, and without application, knowledge is useless. You wouldn’t read a book on surgery and then go into a hospital operating room and perform surgery. That would be extremely dangerous. And what if there’s someone out there that has the cure to a disease we now consider incurable? Without application, that person’s knowledge of the cure is absolutely useless.

So, when you are striving towards accomplishing something in your life, or doing something positive in the world, ensure that you continuously study your trade and practice your skills, in order to solidify them. Through this, you will become the best you can be at your craft and would be able to hold the satisfaction in your mind and heart that you haven’t given anyone reason to believe that you’re not good enough in any way.

Step 3: Maintain Humility

One of the worst things that can happen to a person that has become an expert in something, or has built a reputation for being incredible at something is that often, arrogance kicks in. Once this happens, the person thinks they no longer have a need to practice or study their craft, thus leading them to become blinded by arrogance.

“If you think you know everything; you know nothing. If you think you know nothing; you know something.” – Jayce O’Neal

Recognize that no matter what happens, every person always has room for growth. Everything in life is going through a process of growth through the different stages of life. Every trade has life process as well. From my own experiences through my businesses and projects, I can definitely attest to the fact that there is always a need to learn more about the industry we’re in. For example, for EYSK Media, marketing strategies and theories are always changing, web design trends and methods are always advancing, and with every client having their own set of unique needs and goals, there’s always a need to learn more about their industries and corporate cultures.


The most important thing is to never give ourselves any reason to believe that we’re not good enough to do something or be something. In fact, even if you’re in a tough place in your life, don’t feel that you are where you are because of not being good enough. Forget the past. Instead, focus on the future, and what you’re going to do to become a better you. If something doesn’t work out one day, then accept that as having happened for a reason. Then, if you still want that particular thing, better yourself and try again tomorrow or next week or next year – whenever you’re ready. Just remember to never give up on yourself and to never let yourself or anyone else have reason to believe that you’re not good enough.