Tonight, like every night, I will go to bed
with my heart, mind, and soul intact.
They will have their cracks, and those few holes I just couldn’t fill again,
but overall, they will still be enough to keep me going.

Tomorrow, like every morning, I will awake,
to find my heart, mind, and soul shattered into pieces.
They will have their few recognizable pieces, and those few whole parts,
but overall, they will still be enough to keep me going.

I begin my day, putting myself back together,
starting with the big pieces of faith, love, and hope.
After this, I will find the smaller pieces,
of prayers and memories.
And finally, I will gather the remaining dust,
Made up of patience and what remains of my trust,
and will put it all together with my tears of joy and sorrow.
As I begin to see my heart, mind and soul returning to their shapes,
I say a prayer or two, to seal it all together.

I will rest my head on my pillow again,
Turn to my right, and say a prayer.
I will ask Allah to bring me ease,
And to return what my heart, mind, and soul seek.

Tomorrow, if I wake to pieces again,
I won’t be sad or upset.
The crumbs of patience and trust will have grown,
But with that, they will be easier to remold.
What the final product will be, I don’t know.
But, that it will beneficial,
This I know for certain.

Copyright © Nadir Keval