Every morning,
I wake up and you are my first thought.
I smile,
because I still have hope.

I rise from my bed,
and go wash up for prayer,
then clear my mind,
and begin my worship.
This process is repeated,
more than five times daily.
As I go into prostration,
I begin my supplication,
and find your name on my lips,
as one of the first few I pray for.

I pray for your success.
I pray for your happiness.
I pray you find peace,
and that it comes with all you seek.
A special day just passed,
and I asked Allah,
to make marriage to you,
my Eid gift from Him.
I pray you find clarity.
I pray you find strength.
I pray you always smile,
and that I get to be its reason.

After prayer, I begin my routine.
I exercise and eat healthy.
I plan out my day.
I strive to work beyond my goals.
I try to be the best I can be.

All of this,
whether I realize it or not,
includes you.

You are in my every prayer,
in my every supplication,
in my every breath,
because whenever I remember Him,
I ask Him to remember you.

You are with me when I take care of myself,
because I see how much you’ve accomplished,
and so, I aspire to be as inspiring as you.
And I want to be at my best for you,
as my hopes for us still remain true.

As I plan out my day, I think,
“I wonder what she’s doing today?”
I ask Him to protect you,
and to grant you ease.
I know some of your struggles,
I know some of your battles,
and as much as I’d like to be your sword and armor,
I know there are some things you need to do alone.
So, I stand by you, even if at a distance,
to support you as you face the world.
I know you know that I’ll be there when you fall,
because though failure is inevitable,
We will always get each other back on our feet.

I work hard every day,
to try to make a living,
not to survive,
but to give back so I can thank Allah.
Thank Him for everything,
especially making you a part of my life.
And I ask Him to give me the provision I need
to support you and our family (one day).

I try my very best,
to be the best man I can be.
I hope to please Allah,
by pleasing you and treating you well,
by being a good son to your mother and father,
by being a good brother to your brother and sisters,
by raising a righteous family with you by my side,
and by changing the world with you, one day at a time.

So you see,
you are in my every moment.
From the moment I wake,
to the moment I sleep.
Sometimes I don’t realize it,
but when I stop and close my eyes to find a quiet place,
I hear your heart beat.
Because long ago,
we gave each other our hearts,
and until today,
it’s still your pulse that keeps me going.

Copyright © Nadir Keval