Many years have passed,
and in that time, I have filled my heart.
Experiences of love, hate, pain, pleasure, confusion, disillusion.
And in them all, I have removed the negativity,
building knowledge, wisdom, and sincere love.
All of this has been in preparation.
Constructing a heart so strong,
that it would be willing to take a leap of faith,
a leap of love, a leap of sake.

Now, I have found reason for this leap,
and at my very core, I am left floating.
And as I float, I enjoy the feeling of freedom,
drifting amongst the clouds, the wind caressing my face,
and the pleasure of nothingness to clench my worries…
except the fear of falling,
of losing fluidity, of losing grasp on serenity.

The weight of all that I have faced,
the depth of each cut and scar,
pulls me down faster.
So today, my love, I give you my heart.
Please give it wings,
and help me take flight.

Copyright 2011 © Nadir Keval
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