Have you ever met a man truly at peace?
He lives a life one would pray to avoid,
but would also envy because of the ease in which he dwells?
This man is a rarity,
as he has tasted true faith,
and through that, has found peace.

What a beautiful state this is!
To be able to soar through the fog of life,
and find vision in the darkest of nights.
To find comfort in knowing that He will suffice,
because it is God Himself that brings about the calm,
when tested and faced with the greatest of storms.
This is always the case,
but until one has tasted true faith,
he will never see this,
and thus, will never find peace.

Through simplicity and conviction,
sincerity and ambition,
one can become amongst the most peaceful of men.
But this is a condition that comes with its conditions,
as it takes little time to recognize His Plan and Attributes,
but sometimes a lifetime to act on that recognition.
To be peaceful requires internal bliss,
a state of mind that comes only through faith.
And to have faith is a test of faith,
so overcome it knowing that He will never overburden you.

The world will push you,
the people will confuse you,
but you must not rest,
until you have found peace.
A lifelong journey,
but one worth every step.
Because, as long as your pursue it,
you will be at peace,
until the day arrives when all that will survive of this,
is the wishes of people that you rest in peace.

Copyright © Nadir Keval