Have you ever felt like Allah has given you the sun?
The light with which you hope to see?
The warmth through which you find strength?

What happens when you get sun stroke?
What happens when the light becomes so bright, that it blinds us?
What happens when the warmth begins to burn?

I cannot say that I am ungrateful.
Allah sent me the sun as a test.
Provided me good from His bounty.
Provided me difficulty from His wisdom.
All with reason:
Would I learn to thank Allah?
Will I turn away when He has given me the opportunity to stay?

You see, it is quite simple.
All I need is the Quran and Sunnah.
It is my air and nourishment.
No sun could replace Allah.
Because the One who provides cannot be the provided.
Instead, He is the Provider and the Protector.
That is one of His many blessings.
So to Him, I beg and plead,
That I continue to recieve the bitter and the sweet.
That He please continue to bless me.
For without Him, I am merely His slave defined as weak.

Copyright © Nadir Keval