Even the most patient of men,
are tested with patience.
In fact, that is where the core of their tests lie,
especially in the matters that matter the most.

Take for example the matter of love.
A man with sincere patience will be tested with it,
through waiting,
for an answer, some laughter,
a smile, or even a glance.
He will wait with his faith,
knowing that if she is to be his love,
God will have already paved a way
just for them.

Then, when the time is right,
he begins to realize,
that in love, his test is not at all of patience.
It is of sincerity, faith, and independence.
Understanding, wanting, and generosity.
Ah, so to put it simply…
it is truly the test of love
towards God, self, and her.

More often than not,
that test will lead to reflection,
because it didn’t pass every test of love,
but instead, was meant to be a lesson.
But sometimes, you’d be blessed,
with the chance and opportunity,
to take a leap of faith,
and fall truly in love.
And when that day comes,
don’t squander your gift,
because it’s only through taking risks,
that we find the paths to our truest happiness.

Copyright © Nadir Keval