She’s the epitomy of beauty,
Brings dreams of happiness
From the depths of fantasy,
Into a reality.
She appeals to my every attribute,
Makes me feel like my love’s the truth.
She has the smile of an angel,
You’ll see innocence in her every angle.
She’s the epitomy of beauty,
In more than just the physical,
But in her soul’s purity,
Making me fall in love with her daily.
The day I met her, I fell into a daze,
And since then, my feelings have become,
More than just a phase.
There’s things about her that I love,
And there’s thing I could do without.
But this woman’s everything I could ever ask for,
It’d be an insult to ask God for any more.
He’s sent me my own guardian,
To love and cherish me,
Without any hurting.
Now, I’m praying for the courage, to maybe,
Ask her to become my lady,
By blessing me even more,
And saying yes when I ask if she’d marry me.
I dream of days when we could start a family,
With children we would adore.
A daughter just like her
And a son, whose love for us is unconditional.
Baby, will you help me,
In finding reason to smile?
‘cause all I need to be satisfied with life,
is the chance to be your husband and make you my wife.

Copyright © Nadir Keval