Today, I wanted to yell out to the world,
But I refrained,
because I knew that there existed beings
who felt inclination and satisfaction
in seeking out my every smile,
and tearing it into so many pieces,
that it would take me another series of sleepless
and tear-filled nights,
trying to piece it together again.

You see, the thing that was interesting about these people,
was that they would tell me to be my best.
They would say that I should take hold of my life,
and go after what I believed would make me happy.
Then, as though they were waiting for me,
to hand them the gun that would puncture
and burst open my heart,
they would tell me that by living for me,
and seeking out happiness
instead of taking on more responsibilities,
was an act of selfish arrogance and being inconsiderate.

I’ve heard people say that misery loves company,
but it’s beginning to get crowded.
The world is filled with unhappy people,
and I’m here, trying to break through the barrier.
I love to meet people, even for the first time,
giving them my smile, even if it’s only mine.
The reason being because I know what it’s like,
to want happiness, but to be reminded that life is strife.
So maybe, just maybe,
my smile, as crooked and as simple as it may be,
could cause a crack in a world of hardened hearts,
to share a moment,
a mere moment,
of happy.

Today, and every day onwards,
I will remind myself to be happy.
Because I have learned that there is no purpose in worries,
or letting the harshness of others get to me,
when I accept not my fate,
but the fact that God is always with me.

Copyright © Nadir Keval