I learned very recently of a truth.
that one cannot expect another
to repeat what those of the past would do.
Not in that it is an impossibility,
but that every person should be given the opportunity,
to rise above the rest,
and show their worth
by opening their heart
and cleansing it of dirt.

My life has thrown me obstacles,
one after the other,
but God has blessed me
with the strength and courage
to jump hurdles
once thought to be indestructible.

Ah, how blessed I am,
to have been given the friendship
of the Most High.
He protects me from evil,
and sometimes let’s me indulge,
so that I may be grateful,
and at other times may be left in a state of epiphany.

I have learned to take a moment,
before every day,
before every breath,
to ask your heart who I am
and why I’m driven to be me,
and then go out there,
live out my life to the fullest,
while letting some into my heart,
and letting others live their own destiny.

Copyright © Nadir Keval