Life itself is a roller coaster. The lower the roller coaster, the steeper and slower the climb to thrill and excitement. But, once you get to that pivotal point, the ride down is incredible and breath-taking! Sure, it may be short-lived, but once again, the lower it goes, the more it’ll pay off once you work your way back up to the top. Be patient. Work hard. It’ll be worth it. – Nadir Keval

Hey guys! After a long-time hiatus, I’m back with a new video! I’m going to be posting videos more often, so please be sure to subscribe and to like my videos. And if you can, write a comment below and share this video with your friends. Apologies for my first video back to be one where I look incredibly tired, but this video was actually shot at around midnight, after a day of working and a 10km trek. I hope the message I’m trying to get across touches your heart, and that you feel inclined to continue watching and sharing my videos!