Find the right seed, take care of it, and you will see your dreams begin to blossom. – Nadir Keval

This mindset towards success is what helps me to continue moving forward in accomplishing my goals, despite the several setbacks that come my way. Throughout the years, I have tried time and time again to experiment and find the right seed in order to see results I sought, but it wasn’t until I recognized that seed to be faith that I actually saw and felt success.

Just as a seed sprouts the roots of a tree, which then grows to have its own branches, such does the impact of faith have on your life when you make it the seed of your success. Take into consideration the different aspects of your life, be it your career, your family, your health, your education, and any and everything else that makes you who you are. All of these components of your life can be connected directly to your faith, and if this is done, your intentions change, and thus, your focus becomes more clear and you are more determined to make your dreams a successful reality.

Let’s consider some of the different components of our lives:

  • Career – Build a career to fulfill your rights upon yourself by fulfilling your dreams and vision. Use it as a source through which you can provide for your family. To give yourself your rights and to provide for your family is an obligation upon almost every Muslim, and so, with this as your root purpose, you will gain reward in this life and the Next for all of the work and effort you put in towards your career.
  • Family – Taking care of your family, and building a safe haven of happiness and support is of immense importance if one wants to fulfill their obligation and responsibility towards their family, and if futures are hoped to be established successfully. This is a responsibility and obligation that Allah has placed upon all Muslims, and so, through giving our families their rights, we are able to gain Allah’s Support and Reward in this life and the Next.
  • Health – Our bodies are gifts from Allah, and just as we are responsible for providing ourselves with the mental and spiritual needs of life, we must also take care of ourselves with the right kinds and amounts of nourishment and fuel for our bodies, and with the right training and exercise to condition our bodies to be at the top of their potential. Take the responsibility of giving your body, mind, and spirit the rights it deserves and you will see that with this new mindset, you’ll be stronger, wiser, and more disciplined in the different experiences of life.
  • Education – We know that knowledge is power. But very few of us act on this, and aspire towards gaining this power that is so readily available to us, especially in the world we live in today. So, make a change and start acting on gaining an education, be it from getting a university or college degree, from reading books and self-teaching, through living life to the fullest and learning through experience and apprenticeship, or ideally, a combination of all three. Do this with the intention of fulfilling the command from Allah to gain knowledge, and through recognition of the fact that Islam is a religion for the people of understanding, as it is mentioned time and time again throughout the Quran. With this mindset, you will find joy and passion in seeking knowledge, and it will be a venue through which you will become more worldly and aware of how to face the daily challenges we all experience. And once again, you will gain the rewards of this life and the Hereafter through changing your intentions behind gaining an education and knowledge for the sake of Allah.

See how easy it is to look at it with faith as the seed of success? Though the examples I’ve mentioned above are reflective of the Islamic faith, it can be related to almost any faith. I chose to use Islam as an example because it is the faith I follow, and thus, the examples are relative to my own life. These examples act as the roots through which the tree of success is grown. Through that, you will find branches and flowers/fruits expand and become greater parts of what make you who you are. And just as God brings back to life the flowers and trees that die every year due to the harshness of the weather they experience, He brings back to life and rejuvenates the inspirations that sparked your aspirations in the first place. With God as the source of your seed’s nourishment and fuel, the possibilities of how successful you can be are endless.

Take a moment and reflect on the different components of your life that make it what it is. Look at what you work towards, what you aspire for, and what you stand for. Reshape your intentions in all aspects to reflect your faith, and watch how everything becomes more focused, clear, and “pure”. Live your life with your faith as the seed of every action, and experience rewards and success in this life and the Next. What more could we ask for, really? I pray that we all find that focus, clarity, and purity.