We are not created to be perfect.
We are created to be tested,
To be scarred and to heal,
To make mistakes and to learn,
To fall and to get back up.

It is we who are reliant upon the Creator,
Not Him upon us.
As we cannot heal, learn, or get back up,
Unless we fully submit to Him.

Much as a diamond is made under pressure,
We are placed under the utmost care,
As we are tested and put through struggle,
To eventually become stronger and more rare.

Much as a painter seeks out perfecting intricate details,
In the same way, should we treat our lives.
There will always remain space for improvement,
But we must try our best to get close to perfection.
The minute details may seem unimportant,
Or like too tedious or difficult a task to bother,
But without them,
Every painting would be the same.

Look not to God in agony,
Asking for reasons to your misery.
Instead, look to yourself to see,
That your choices brought you to where you are.
Don’t mope on the past,
But forgive yourself instead.
And from here onwards,
Turn to Him and you will find clarity.
And when the pressure builds,
And the details reveal themselves,
You will only be grateful,
On the condition that you have truly submitted to Him.
Things will be difficult.
You may fall more than you stand.
But know that you are not created to achieve perfection.
You are created for progression in constantly striving to please and worship Him.

Copyright © Nadir Keval