I may cross your mind at times,
and you may wonder how I am.
After all I’ve been through,
it may seem as though I would be broken.
But the truth is,
all that I am,
all I hope to be,
is a result of all I’ve taken and all I’ve seen.

It took more out of me than I had expected.
Time and time again,
I would fight,
and would be left alone.
And if I would walk taller,
one or another would find a way to make me feel,
feel like a failure.

But, failure,
ah, how beautiful it is,
As it has made me who I am today.
My failures have been my greatest blessings.
They have made me stronger, powerful.
Seemingly invincible.

My humanity is all that restrains me
from becoming a beast.
My faith is all that maintains me
from becoming a reflection of sorrow.
How beautiful it is to be a mosaic of shattered pieces,
than to be plain glass of one view.
Through the different pieces of me,
I have developed into a variety.

I am thankful and grateful,
for all that I have faced.
For the times my heart has been broken,
despite giving my all to be the best man I could be;
For when I have felt that my goals and dreams,
would remain as nothing more than a fantasy;
For when I would be surrounded by naysayers,
who seemed to be determined to ruin me;
For all these experiences,
I am left with no grievances.
Instead, I reflect,
and look at who and what I’ve lost,
and learn that through losing,
I have gained the greatest thing…
I have gained me.

Copyright © Nadir Keval