How many times have I called you,
When you were away?
Trying to find new ways
To make you see
How much you mean to me?

Once a year, the world celebrates valentines day,
But I want to celebrate you everyday.
I’ll make sure your every day will be
Like an unforgettable dream.
One that you wouldn’t want to believe
In fear of being too good to be true,
For how can anyone love anyone as much as I love you?

We’ve met a few times before,
In dreams and prayers,
But never in person.
It remains a disappointment to me
That our chemistry hasn’t yet seen that breeze,
That’s meant to spark our evident lover’s decree.

I believe that you and me
Are meant to defy gravity
Soaring through the skies we come to see,
That there’s a special cloud 9 made just for you and me.

Now I know all this sounds metaphorical,
But what if I told it’s how I felt?
That moment that I lay eyes on you,
I pinched myself, doubting that my dream may have come true.

See, long ago, I had a vision,
A fantasy of what you’d be like.
With no need for any type of addition,
To your image, to your heart, to your person.

I can still recall,
The beginning of my heart’s fall.
You walked by,
No notice or sign,
That you’d be that one for me.
You were so elegant,
No makeup, simple clothing.
But you seemed the most precious,
When I saw your smile.
I knew then that I was smitten,
This was the girl.
The one I’d spend my life with.
The one I’d cherish every moment with.
All that remained, was finding out how we’d come to be each other’s blessings…

Copyright © Nadir Keval